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Herbert Diamant
As the senior portfolio manager and managing director, he has invested client portfolios at Diamant for over thirty-seven years. As part of the successful Diamant father and son investment team, Herb spent decades perfecting investing strategies by working hand in hand with our late founder, one of the great stock gurus of his generation. He also has great instincts in the credit markets of corporate bonds and tax exempt municipal bonds, where he holds the qualification of Municipal Securities Principal. Creating and rebuilding investment portfolios comes naturally to him, where portfolio allocations literally jump off the page. As an industry veteran, Herb holds additional designations of General Securities Principal and Financial and Operations Principal. He used to hold a seat on the Boston Stock Exchange, and is designated as a Security Trader Principal for trading in both NASDAQ and NYSE listed stocks. Herbert graduated from Georgetown University in 1978 with degrees in finance and marketing. He is active in the community, is happily married and living with his wife, and they both love spending time visiting with their three grown children.
Portfolio Managers
Kevin W. Jakeway
Kevin has a broad business background in marketing, accounting, and administration. He graduated from Columbia University in 1979 with an MBA degree in Accounting, and from Georgetown University in 1977 with a degree in Finance. Kevin has spent over twenty-five years successfully managing personal and family investment portfolios, in addition to his business experience. Using financial statement and fundamental analysis, he has a knack for identifying quality growth companies with excellent long term growth potential.
Portfolio Managers
David Capolete
David keeps our proprietary computer systems running smoothly. His natural instincts in the field of information technology would make it easy for him to assist even Bill Gates. With the combination of computer savvy and accounting precision, he is our resident expert on the complex Depository Trust Clearing Corporation settlement system. His efficiency is remarkable and dedication to our customers is unparalleled. Whether a customer needs emergency cash or an immediate stock transaction, David can be depended on to not only to properly take care of the pressing need, but make it seem effortless.
Portfolio Managers
Martha Diamant
As the wife of founder David Diamant, Martha keeps an experienced eye on the business. As Corporate Secretary, she keeps the regulatory filings timely and consistent. In a family run business there is nothing like having a matriarch keeping track of our vendors. Nothing gets past Martha. She makes sure the expenses are accurately paid so the rest of the staff can remain focused on our customers. Being born as a "depression baby" prior to WWII, under her watch nothing is wasted. And yes... we really are keeping track of the extra paper clips.
Portfolio Managers
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