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Diamant Asset Management, Inc and Diamant Investment CorporationOur founder, David Diamant, started in the investment business back in the 1950's. He developed a business that was fun to be part of, where clients were friends first. Every day at work friends would stop by for some friendly advice. Friends knew David was always on their side, doing what was best for them. In the early 1960's, he would bring his son, Herb, to work to run orders to the wire room or to use the Quotron machine. Being assigned a quote machine was more valuable than its role as a status symbol, for the ticker tape would frequently stop moving as the volume dried up!

As investment firms got larger, Wall Street changed. Instead of taking care of the customer, the emphasis was on meeting sales quotas and getting customers to buy the stale positions from the trading desks. In 1974, David left this environment to start up Diamant Investment Corporation. A few years later, his son, Herb Diamant, joined David. Together, they built one of the leading independent self clearing firms in the Northeast. With their focus on taking care of their customers needs, they founded Diamant Asset Management, Inc., an affiliated investment advisory service, to complete their migration away from the ways of Wall Street.

The founders' philosophy was simple. They just followed David's own advice... "always take care of your customers and the business will take care of itself". So the Diamants went off on their own direction, doing what's right for their customers. They dedicated all resources towards handling the investment needs of their individual clients, so clients would benefit from the expertise normally reserved for large institutions. When the Diamants needed to buy bonds, they went in bidding along with the big guys, but the winning deals went to their clients. With the independence of a small business, they focused on seeing investments work for the benefit of their customers.

Things have changed little over the years. Although David has passed away, the decades Herb spent working next to David created the foundation on which the business stands. Herb continues the traditions of always taking care of our customers. He sees great value in treating our customers as friends. When investment relationships evolve into friendships and counselors of advice, the relationships are much more rewarding for everyone. Our friends know we will go to the ends of the earth in their times of need as we strive to see them have happier and more fulfilled lives.

Diamant Asset Management