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Portfolio Managers
Portfolio Managers Kevin Jakeway and Herb Diamant

Commitment To Individuals. We provide investment advice and management to high net worth individuals and families. Our focus is on the investment issues relating to individual accounts. We do not spend our time soliciting institutional business.

Investment Style. Each investment portfolio is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. The Diamant Approach to investing evaluates and designs a portfolio that meets specific objectives. Based on these goals, appropriate securities are selected. Tax impacts are always considered, whether building portfolios or selling holdings. Most importantly, we constantly oversee the portfolio to meet long term investment goals. We buy and hold securities for the long term, and believe very strongly in the preservation of capital through our conservative investing style.

Type of Investments. Our firm specializes in selecting high quality stocks and fixed income investments. For stocks, we seek companies which have demonstrated a history of increasing sales and earnings in a specific industry that will outperform the market. For fixed income, we do not risk portfolio assets to reach for the last percent of return. Our focus is on tax exempt municipal bonds and secure corporations with proven sources of revenue. We do not sponsor Wall Street products such as synthetic bond derivatives or venture capital offerings.

Size of Firm. Our firm has deliberately been kept to a manageable size with two portfolio managers, and three in administrative support. With no bureaucracy, we stress accessibility to your portfolio manager, personal service, and confidentiality. The combination of our size and sophisticated technology allows us to monitor each portfolio on an ongoing basis. When action is required we provide immediate and creative responses for our clients.

Ownership. For more than thirty years, the Diamant family continues to be actively involved as the sole owners of both our investment advisor and affiliated general securities firm. The Diamantís remain committed to providing senior level, long term investment advice and personal client attention. In contrast, banks, investment advisors, and brokerage firms frequently change ownership with a continuous turnover of key personnel.

Portfolio Managers
Three generations of Diamants: l-r; Lisette, Martha, Herb and Denise

Portfolio Managers and Account Size. A client's account is handled by a senior portfolio manager who is a knowledgeable principal instead of a friendly account administrator. Our firm restricts our management to a limited number of sizable accounts.

Research. We believe in fundamental securities analysis. Our own research and judgment is used to select specific securities for portfolios. We confer with research analysts and managers on an ongoing basis, sharing investment ideas, and have access to a wide variety of analysis for both stocks and fixed income securities. The final step of our research process is determining the appropriateness of an idea for a client.

Portfolio Managers
Herb Diamant discussing research ideas with John Eade, President of Argus Research

Client Involvement. Our preference is to discuss major investment decisions with our clients to keep them appraised on how their investments are meeting their objectives. We prefer to maintain an ongoing dialogue as necessary with our clients. Communication is especially important when designing investment plans and objectives, or with substantial shifts in portfolio strategy. A non-discretionary relationship is also available.

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