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As a registered investment advisor, Diamant Asset Management, Inc. adheres to a written corporate Code of Ethics (Code). Modeled on our business practices and dealings with clients over the decades, our Code establishes standards of conduct that are expected of our entire staff and reflect our fiduciary duties to our clientele. This Code reflects our commitment to high ethical practices and the sharing of responsibility for maintaining those practices among employees. Fundamental to the personnel policies and practices that implement the Code is our insistence that business be conducted in an environment of mutual respect. Many of these policies are based upon laws and regulations, others upon widely held philosophical and ethical principles. Violation of these policies may result in discipline, including termination.

Code of Ethics
Portfolio Managers Kevin Jakeway and Herb Diamant

Responsible and Confidential
We have the responsibility to render professional, continuous, and unbiased investment advice. As a fiduciary, we owe our clients a duty of honesty, good faith, and fair dealing. Further, we must act at all times in the client’s best interests, and must either avoid or disclose conflicts of interests. All employees' personal securities transactions shall be conducted in such a manner as to be consistent with the Code to avoid any actual or potential conflict of interest, or any abuse of an employee’s position of trust and responsibility. As a hallmark of our business is confidentiality, information concerning the identity of security holdings and financial circumstances of clients is and must remain confidential.
Exceptional Reputation
Each employee shares the responsibility to comply not only with the plain language of these policies and applicable laws, but to embrace the spirit and purposes of these policies in their business and interpersonal conduct. Our reputation is built on principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and our ability to prosper in the future is dependent on all employees embracing these principles.

Diamant Asset Management, Inc. will provide a copy of our Code of Ethics to any client, or prospective client, upon written request.

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