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As the brokerage giants get larger and more impersonal, the investment customer has begun to ask questions. Am I getting advice tailored to my needs ... or to the needs of the stock brokerage firm? Am I really talking with a portfolio manager, or are they just selling someone else's services? How experienced is the person advising me on investment matters of critical importance to my family's future? For many investors in search of important answers, such questions have led to the Diamant relationship.
The Diamant Relationship: Personal, Private, Ongoing
We are small, personal and local. We're Greenwich, but our background and training is Wall Street and our outlook is global. Both Diamant Asset Management Inc. and Diamant Investment Corporation provide investment advisory services to a select group of clients nationwide that include high net worth individuals, their trusts, retirement plans, and corporations. With over 35 years in Greenwich serving the investing public, we continue to provide individually managed portfolios to meet the unique investment objectives and investment plans of each of our clientele.

We do not seek more investment business simply to grow. We look, instead for relationships where we can enhance the lives of our clients. Most of our clients look to us for conservative, tax advantaged investments that anticipate their future plans. Such planning takes an understanding of their financial details: present portfolio; tax structure; income expectations for the present, near, and distant future; family needs; estate plans; retirement targets. Through our personal relationships with our clients, we can tailor quality plans and portfolios that will serve them well through the years.

Having us create your own investment strategy is the best way to handle your portfolio assets . Our conservative nature emphasizes a prudent investment philosophy, and careful selection of securities by a seasoned portfolio advisor. You will discover the value of exceptional service to your portfolio. This is evident with our senior level attention in defining investment objectives, allocating assets among types of growth stocks, municipal bonds, and other corporate securities appropriate for each client, along with the ongoing capital management of investment portfolios.

Diamant Asset Management